(248) 383-1030

Patient Information

Office Hours
9am -5pm Monday through Friday.

Hospitals We Are Affiliated With:

  • Beaumont/Corewell Health System
  • Detroit Medical Center Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital
  • Crittenton Hospital Medical Center

Insurance We Accept
We participate in most commercial and government insurance plans.  Please call our office for a full list.

To Arrange An Appointment With The Doctor
Please call our office at (248) 383-1030

What can I expect from my first appointment
Your consultation with the doctor is in a 1 hour time slot. He will discuss your history and present pain issues. This will be followed by a physical exam and than he will discuss a treatment plan with you.

You will receive a patient packet (questionnaire) in the mail. It must be filled out completely.
The items you should bring with you to your first appointment are:
1. Insurance card
2. Picture ID
3. Co/pay co/insurance
4. Films (i.e. MRI, X-RAYS) The actual film or a CD/DVD.
5. Your completed new patient packet.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment so we can prepare your chart.